Guidance, Requirements, & Inspection Form-sets


About GRIFs

GRIFs have been developed by RepairCert NZ to provide Repair Certifiers with, for specific repair-based subjects, the necessary information to ensure that repairs, and the repair certification of those repairs, are safe and compliant.

GRIF’s consist of:

·         Section 1 – ‘Best-practice’ Guidance to assist Repair Certifier in understanding the subject; and

·         Section 2 – ‘Requirements’ to direct Repair Certifiers in what may be approved; and

·         Section 3 – ‘Inspection Form-sets’ to enable Repair Certifiers to conveniently document their inspections.

It is also intended that the ‘best-practice guidance’ and ‘requirements’ sections of these GRIFs can be used by the wider auto body repair industry. 

GRIFs replace the VIRM in all instances.